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WSCC #12 Cambridge: 

The Board of WSCC#12 entered into our business relationship with Sanderson Management two plus years ago and we are delighted with the results. Casey and her team have made every effort to meet our needs from providing on-site property management services to financial reporting and more. Their vision is not to be the biggest, but the best and they are living up to it.


WSCC #24 Cambridge:

Sanderson Management Inc. has managed Waterloo South Condominium Corporation No. 24 since 2000. Our Property Manager works with direction from the Board of Directors in maintaining the condominium by sourcing quotes, coordinating and overseeing contractors. She is able to solve most issues in a quick and friendly manner. 

Working with trusted contractors, the WSCC24 has aged well and we receive many compliments on the beauty of our site.


WSCC #29 Cambridge:

Sanderson has managed our condominium for more than fifteen years.  They are professional, knowledgeable, customer focused and  responsive.  They work tirelessly to resolve difficult and unusual issues. They are well informed in condominium affairs and regularly attend seminars and other activities to maintain and upgrade their knowledge base. They strive to ensure a positive atmosphere in buildings. Highly recommended!


WCC #217 Kitchener:

We have been managed by Sanderson Management since February 1999.

Our Corporation has recently undertaken extensive repair and maintenance of the exterior envelope including windows, building envelope, roof and shared parking structure. Our Property Manager has co-ordinated these and other projects and has worked with our contractors to ensure work is done quickly and efficiently. She is always available for our Board and our residents.

We are very pleased with Sanderson Management; they are an asset to our homes.


 WCC #246 Kitchener:

I have found the staff of Sanderson Management to be the most professional property management company that I have dealt within the last 20 years.  The staff are very friendly and helpful and get things done in a timely matter.

WCECC #453 Kitchener:

We are a common element condominium. We hired Sanderson to manage our property after being managed by a company that severely compromised our financial and maintenance well-being. The Sanderson team, especially our Property Manager, has worked hard on our behalf to clean up our affairs to get us back on our feet. We are now managed professionally.

WCECC #544: Kitchener:

The Board of Directors of WCECC 544 is pleased with the service provided by SMI.

Our Property Manager helped us with information both the Performance Audit and our first Reserve Fund Study. Regular meetings are held to review financial statements and anticipate upcoming seasonal requirements.

Our Property Manager anticipates our questions and concerns, follows through on issues and provides options to resolve them and conducts frequent on-site inspections.


WNCC #26: Waterloo

WNCC 26 has been managed by Sanderson Management since December 2001 when the Board opted to end self-management. SMI turned our finances around and we now enjoy healthy Operating and Reserve Fund balances.

Both our Admin Support and our Property Manager have treated us with the utmost professionalism. Calls are returned promptly and requests for assistance to Owner’s needs are quickly answered.

The Property Manager has assisted the Board in the rejuvenation of our site, guiding us through projects large and small. Our Manager knows the unique requirements of our site and troubleshoots issues quickly.

We find Sanderson President, Casey Beacock. knowledgeable, approachable and available to Directors and Unit Owners. We highly recommend SMI.


WNCC #93 Waterloo:

WNCC93 was completely registered in 1987 and in 1988 the Board chose to hire Sanderson Management and has continued to employ them since then.

Sanderson Management was then and continues to be a very professional and proactive company that keeps up with the current legislation and encourages its Property Managers and Directors to do so as well.

Though Sanderson Management is now under new Ownership, it continues to meet the needs of our condominium complex with strong leadership in Casey Beacock.


WNCC #138 Kitchener:

Professional, Knowledgeable, Caring are three words that come to mind.  Our property manager encompasses all three. He comes prepared, keeps up informed, answers our questions and has even gone beyond the call of duty to assist our complex.  Sanderson Management is a great organization, keep up the good work.

WNCC #184 Kitchener:

Our contact with Sanderson Management is a tremendous asset and resource for our Board. We have been clients for many years. Our Property Manager is always accessible, knowledgeable, and thorough. With his help, our Board has easily navigated big-picture projects, transition of Board members and our day-to-day tasks with confidence.



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