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CASSANDRE BEACOCK, R.C.M.  PRESIDENT    [email protected]

Cassandre (Casey) Beacock is President of SANDERSON MANAGEMENT INC. and is the President and Director of the Grand River Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute, serving on their conference committee. She is a REGISTERED CONDOMINIUM MANAGER who has extensive experience in both residential and commercial property management. Casey holds a General Licence and the Condominium Management Provider Licence with the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO). Casey has worked in service industries for more than 20 years and has been promoted to increasingly responsible positions, gaining valuable experience in all areas of management such as financial, human resource, and data management. She has strong negotiation skills and an extensive network of professional colleagues in all aspects of condominium management. Casey has been managing properties since 2005 and is firm in her commitment to develop and maintain the highest professional standards for all condominium managers. To this end, she continues to update her own studies to ensure that she remains aware of all trends and legal changes in the industry. Casey’s colleagues and her Boards will attest to her integrity and her committed, diligent competence. Casey is conscientious in her steadfast determination to work with you to maintain and increase the value of your investment.



ANNE BEAUCHESNE           [email protected]


Anne joined the Sanderson Management Inc. team in 2015 and is already an experienced Property Manager/Property Administrator with both condominium and rental properties. Anne holds a General Licence with the CMRAO and is dedicated to providing superior service to Boards and Owners. She is a team player who is driven to succeed.



CHRISTINA BROWN, R.C.M.     [email protected]


Christina, a general licensee and REGISTERED CONDOMINIUM MANAGER, joined the Sanderson team in December 2010 from another Property Management Company. In addition to property management, she has over ten years of banking experience and uses the skills learned in the banking industry to assist her Boards of Directors in all financial aspects of managing their corporations.

Christina keeps up to date on the latest condominium issues both through formal courses offered by industry associations and through self-guided study. Christina manages a wide range of condominium corporations from townhouses to apartment units in both new and older buildings. The Boards who work with Christina will testify to her professional competence, integrity, and guidance on difficult issues ranging from the hiring/terminating of staff to special assessments. 

As Supervising Property Manager, Christina's responsibilities include a supervisory capacity in training our limited licence managers and ensuring continuity, responsiveness and excellent quality of service is maintained for all of our clients from the most senior to our newest managers.



SHERRY BURTON       [email protected]


Sherry joined Sanderson Management in December 2010 from another Property Management Company. Sherry has eight years of banking experience and uses the skills learned in the banking industry to assist her Boards of Directors in the financial aspects of managing their corporations. Sherry holds a General Licence with the CMRAO and manages a wide range of condominium corporations from townhouses to apartment units in both residential and commercial properties. Sherry has been an administrator in Property Management for many years and her strong administrative skills help to ensure that her properties are organized and able to handle day-to-day operations.



CRYSTAL CORMIER       [email protected]


Crystal joined Sanderson Management in July 2018 initially as a member of our administrative team to learn about the particular features of the condominium world. Knowing Crystal’s extensive experience with rental properties and that her exceptional customer service skills would be uniquely suited to condominium management her transition to the management role has been distinctly successful. We are pleased that Crystal has obtained her Limited Licence with the CMRAO and look forward to her completion of the requirements for a General License.



BOB DIETRICH    [email protected]


Bob recently joined our team after spending over twenty years in corporate project management and contract management. Bob holds a Limited Licence with the CMRAO while he works towards completing the requirements for his General Licence. Bob is meticulous in his attention to detail and looks forward to developing strong relationships with the boards he serves.



JOEL EBY       [email protected]


Joel holds a general licence with the CMRAO and brings with him diverse experience in condominium management, heavy equipment operation and supply chain management. His ability to think strategically, and to thrive with a varied workload makes Joel an excellent Sanderson team member. Joel is also a certified member of our Joint Health and Safety Committee. The condominium boards that Joel serves find him to be both responsive and effective, in keeping with the Sanderson model of service.



LEASA GALECKAS, R.C.M[email protected]


Leasa Galeckas, a REGISTERED CONDOMINIUM MANAGER, came to Sanderson Management Inc. in September 2012, bringing four years of property management experience with her. Leasa holds a General Licence with the CMRAO and also serves as Sanderson’s Records Administrator. Leasa’s strong administrative skills ensure that her properties are organized and she is able to handle day-to-day operations and unexpected emergencies with ease.  Leasa’s strong personal touch shines through to her boards of directors, property owners, and colleagues.  Leasa works hard in providing excellent customer service and makes it a top priority to ensure that everyone is well informed.



JENNIFER JOHNSTON        [email protected]


Jennifer joined the Sanderson team in the Fall of 2016 and holds a General Licence with the CMRAO. She brings extensive years of experience to her portfolio. She has developed strong communication, negotiation, financial and administrative skills.  As a condominium owner herself, Jennifer understands the importance of timeliness, communication and protecting the value of your investment.  Jennifer is enthusiastic and committed to providing superior customer service to Owners and Boards.



PATRICK KRALL      [email protected]


Patrick holds a General Licence with the CMRAO and has experience with a wide variety of property styles, having worked his way up through superintendent and financial services roles and increasing building representative responsibilities. In addition, Patrick has recently gained valuable experience successfully leading several Condominium Boards through the amalgamation process. Patrick’s enthusiasm for his work and his can-do attitude make him an excellent fit with our existing team. He is very well received by the  Boards with which he works.



JONATHAN WEAVER    [email protected]


Jon is the newest addition to our Sanderson team and comes to us with a lot of experience and valuable skills. He holds a general licence from the CMRAO and has worked with many different types of properties, coordinating projects large and small, as a knowledgeable partner with the boards he has served. Prior to joining Sanderson, Jon worked as a Supervisor in the automotive industry as well as serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. Jon’s outlook and positive approach to his work fit right in with our Sanderson team. We know he will continue to succeed in his new role.








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