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You can download the forms below for automatic deduction of your condominium fees; to provided registration information for your unit and to register (or change registration) information about your vehicle(s).

You can then email the completed form to your property manager or put it in the property management box at your site.

Auto Deduction
Owner Registration
Vehicle Registration





You can also request a Status Certificate by completing the form below

Please be advised that 10 days notice is required for preparation of all Status Certificates. Requests may be faxed to 519-742-1189.

Payment in the amount of $100.00 may be made by CASH, CERTIFIED CHEQUE or MONEY ORDER payable to Sanderson Management Inc. and must be received in full prior to the Status Certificate being produced. Please note Status fee is non-refundable and cheques for Status Certificates must be Certified.

Sanderson Management Inc.
30 Water St. N.
Kitchener, ON
N2H 5A8

Note: It is the responsibility of the person requesting the Status Certificate to inform the Management Company of any updates/changes to the information submitted.

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